Adria Space Conference

Regional Cooperation on Space Technology

October 4, 2019, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

About event

Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) is the organizer of the regional meetings dedicated to cooperation in space science and technologies. The aim of the conference is to foster and strengthen regional cooperation in research and development of these activities. The conference profile is a one-day meeting with two plenary lectures by eminent speakers. The state-of-the-art in the field and future developments are in the focus of the meeting, whereby the groups from regional countries will participate with their knowhow. The invited lectures will be followed by a panel discussion on issues important for regional cooperation named “Small Countries in Space Era”. Finally, in a row of short communications (10-15 min.) participants will briefly report on their current activities and future programs.The Conference should stimulate establishing contacts for developing plans in the pursuit of cooperation in the field of satellite technologies, propulsion and rocket engineering. The intention is that the Conference becomes an annual one as a gathering of participants in space exploration and development for enhanced regional cooperation.

Adriatic Aerospace Association
Ruđer Bošković Institute
University of Zadar



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Ognjan Božić

German Aerospace Center

Prof.Dr.Sc. Ognjan Božić worked for The German Aerospace Center as a research scientist for 19 years. Research was focused on solid and hybrid rocket engines, aerothermodynamics, rocket propulsion, space system concepts etc.


Heinz Stoewer

Founder of Space Associates GmbH

Stoewer was the European Space Agency’s (ESA) first program manger for the Spacelab project, where he created a strong systems group. Stoewer also founded the ESA’s Systems Engineering and Programmatics Department, where he implemented an end-to-end systems engineering philosophy across ESA projects. He served as managing director of the German Space Agency’s national space science and applications projects.


Carsten Scharlemann

Head of Deparment, Aerospace Engineering, University of Applied Sciences

Lectures Space Mission Analysis and Design, Space Propulsion, Master Thesis Seminar at University of Applied Sciences in Austria. He is also advisor to students in Projects and Master Theses. Field of specialization: Space Propulsion.


Otto Koudelka

Head of Institute of Communication Network and Satellite Communication at Graz University

Otto is professor of telecommunications and the Principal Investigator for the BRITE-Austria nanosatellite mission, the first Austrian satellite, successfully launched in 2013 and dealing with astroseismology. He is a project manager of the Industrial team for ESA's OPS-SAT-nanosatellite mission. Also, he is full member of the International Academy of Aeronautics IAA and currently Chair of Space Universities Committee (SUAC of the International Astronautical Federation IAF).


Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg

President of the Austrian Institute of Navigation (OVN/AIN)

Consultant / Senior advisor, space systems professional with 36 years of experience. Special in-depth expertise in Earth observation, satellite navigation and satellite communication as well as ground-based validation experiments. He is the former Head of the Electromagnetics & Space Environment Division at the European Space Agency and has served as expert to several European and national Institutions. He has supported EGNOS and Galileo in defining and developing correction algorithms.


Slobodan Danko Bosanac

President of Adriatic Aerospace Association

Prof. Dr. Sc. Slobodan Danko Bosanac is the president of the Adriatic Aerospace Associaton and physicist, focusing in atomic and molecular physics, electromagnetic interacitons and astrophysics. He is currently Professor of Physics at Ruđer Bošković Institute in Croatia. Dr. Bosanac recieved two Croatian State Prizes in science in 1996 and 2012.


Andreas Geisler

appointed Head of the FFG Aeronautics and Space Agency

Andreas Geisler joined the Austrian Space Agency in 2003 as Team leader of the Austrian Aeronautics Research and Technology Programme. From 2009 to June 2015, Mr. Geisler headed the FFG Energy and Environment Team and was in charge of the programme management for the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund. In July 2015, Mr. Geisler has been appointed Head of the FFG Aeronautics and Space Agency. He is delegate to the ESA Council and Chairman of the General Assembly of the European Space Policy Institute.


Sanja Damjanović

Minister of Science, Montenegro

Sanja Damjanovic is a physicist and serves as the Minister of Science in the Government of Montenegro since the end of 2016. She made her Diploma in Physics at the University of Belgrade. She continued with PhD studies in 1999 at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, Germany, and received her Dr.rer.nat. in Physics in 2002. In 2006 she obtained a CERN Fellowship, an award-type position. Since 1999 embedded in international teams, she has ever since worked in two large International Organizations, at CERN in Geneva and at GSI-FAIR in Darmstadt, covering both basic and applied research in the field of high-energy nuclear physics. As of January2018 she was elected as the Chairperson of the SEEIIST Intergovernmental Steering Committee.


Tomaž Rodič

director of Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies SPACE-SI and Centre for Computational Continuum Mechanics C3M

Tomaž Rodič is full professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Natural Sciences and Engineering and director of Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies SPACE-SI and Centre for Computational Continuum Mechanics C3M. His main research area is numerical modelling of M5 systems including Multi-physics, Multi-scale, Multi-body, Multi-phase and Multi-objective problems in sciences and technologies. His main research experience in space technologies has been gained in the missions dedicated to interactive remote sensing (NEMO-HD), formation flying (PRISMA) and gamma ray burst detection (THESEUS). The bibliography of prof. Rodič comprises more than 220 units including 118 scientific papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings.


Dubravko Babić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, Zagreb

Dubravko Babić joined the faculty of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 2012 as a member of the Applied Optics Laboratory at the department of Wireless Communications. His field of interest is communications components technology, focusing on semiconductor lasers and RF/microwave communications systems. Dr. Babić has spent majority of his professional career in the industry working for Avantek and Hewlett-Packard, and start-up companies Alvesta, Group4 Labs and Eridan Communications, all in Silicon Valley, California. Since 2018 he has been involved with space technology, leading nanosatellite project FERSAT.


Zdravko Terze

professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mech. Eng. & Naval Arch., Head of Study of Aeronautical Engineering and Head of Chair of Flight Vehicle Dynamics

Zdravko Terze is full professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mech. Eng. & Naval Arch., Head of Study of Aeronautical Engineering and Head of Chair of Flight Vehicle Dynamics. His field of scientific interest is computational modeling of nonlinear and multi-body dynamical systems, including multi-physics and space technology. Prof. Terze delivered lectures and seminars at NASA-JPL, ETH Zürich, Harbin Institute of Technology and Politecnico di Milano. He was Chair and Co-Chair of renowned conferences in EU and USA in the field of computational dynamics. Prof. Terze is Associated Editor of the 'Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics’ and national representative of Republic of Croatia in two European Commission committees related to space, SST and GOVSATCOM.


Petr Bares

President of Czech Space Alliance

Petr has been working in space technologies since 1975. For 12 years as ESA staff member in Germany, then 10 years in Spain where he established a subsidiary of the UK software house Cray Systems, and since 1998 in Prague as MD of Iguassu Software Systems. In 2006 Petr co-founded the industry association Czech Space Alliance and is repeatedly being elected its president. He promotes Czech space industry, mainly in Europe and South East Asia.


Thursday, October 3rd


Welcome cocktail

18h, Vijenac 7

Friday, October 4th

8:00 - 8:30

Registration of participants

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička cesta 54, Zagreb
8:30 - 9:00

Opening addresses

Slobodan Danko Bosanac - President, Adriatic Aerospace Association
Dijana Vican - Rector, University of Zadar
David Smith - Director General, Ruđer Bošković Institute
Ilan Mor - Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Croatia
Tome Antičić - State Secretary for Science
Mario Antonić - State Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts
9:00 - 9:30

The SEEIIST Project - Heavy Ions in South East Europe

Sanja Damjanović Presentation download PP
9:30 - 10:00

Coffee break

10:00 - 10:30

Opportunities and needs for collaboration in Adriatic and Mediterranean region in the field of space research

Ognjan Božić Presentation download PDF
10:30 - 11:00

New Space – Hype or Revolution?

Heinz Stoewer Presentation download PDF
11:00 - 12:00

Panel discussion: Small countries in space era

Panel moderator: Carsten Scharlemann

Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg


Petr Bares


Andreas Geisler

Aeronautics and Space Agency
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break

13:00 - 16:00

Project presentations

Tomaž Rodič


Otto Koudelka

TU Graz

Nik Mohorko


Mirta Medanić

Space for youth

Anja Nakarada Pečuljić

Serbian Case for Space Presentation download PDF

Marko Bermanec, Filip Kisić, Luka Korov, Matija Makoter, Stjepan Puljić

The first croatian satellite - PERUN I Presentation download PDF

Vladimir Kušan/Ivan Tomljenović

Oikon Ltd, Laboratory for RS and GIS
Application of Remote Sensing in Nature Protection and Natural Resource Management
Presentation download PDF

Dubravko Babić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
The FERSAT Mission at the University of Zagreb Presentation download PDF

Zdravko Terze

University of Zagreb, Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Flapping Wing Vehicle for Mars Exploration - Modelling and Optimisation Presentation download PDF

Dražen Švehla

First Cubesat Launcher Presentation download PDF

Concluding discussion

Moderator: Slobodan Danko Bosanac

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